Great Lakes medium-size tributary strategies.

Posted on January 31st, 2019

We are fortunate in the Great Lakes because many of our tributaries remain fishable during the winter months. Choosing the right tributary to fish depends on many details like whether they will be affected by winter mild-spells and  runoff effect, and whether they will be ice-free.

This is the second Matt Cory feature on his tactics of fishing medium-size Great Lakes tributaries for winter Steelhead.

Medium Systems

In Matt’s words: “For intermediate size Great Lakes tributaries I use the same terminal tackle strategy as I would fish a smaller system this includes using smaller hooks, lighter leaders and smaller baits.

Small beads, yarn flies and small roe bags are my rule,  but I will use a bigger float and slightly more slit-shot sinkers to slow the drift down. Keeping my presentation in the “strike-zone” for longer time to enable steelhead to spot and move to it from a distance is crucial.”

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