Great Lakes large-size tributary strategies.

Posted on February 7th, 2019

Great Lakes tributary anglers are blessed to have some very large rivers to choose from for winter Steelheading. These can range from 100 yds in width to over 1/2 kilometer. The bigger the rivers, the tougher it can be to consistently locate and catch winter steelhead.

This is the second Matt Cory feature on his tactics of fishing large-size Great Lakes tributaries for winter Steelhead.

Large Rivers

In Matt’s own words: “Large rivers are my favorite system to fish. Finding the fish first is the goal here. Target areas of water in the 8 – 10′ Foot Depth range. Typically in these large systems migratory fish tend to stack up in the same relative areas, so if you find one; there is a high chance there is more in that same drift.

Fish areas that you wouldn’t typically fish in the warming spring / summer months. As like smaller systems, find the slower water. If your large system still has high water or faster currents, slow the drift down by up-sizing your float and adding shot weight. Up-sizing beads & roe bags can also help, but if the water is clear, stick to natural colors for both beads and roe bag mesh. The most important part again keep your bait in the “Strike zone” (half foot to 2 feet from Bottom). Hopefully these little tips of information can help you find some trophy winter Steelhead.

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