Great Lake States Adjust Chinook Salmon/Lake Trout Stocking to Sustain Forage Fish

Posted on October 25th, 2016

(American Sportfishing Association)

Following recommendations made by the Lake Michigan Committee, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources will adjust Chinook salmon and lake trout stocking in 2017 and 2018 to relieve predation pressure on prey (alewives) in Lake Michigan. Originally the Committee proposed a lake-wide reduction of 62 percent in the number of Chinook salmon stocked in the lake.


Stocking reductions were based on extensive consultation with angler groups and other stakeholders, and more than three years of research and monitoring. However, because of push-back the Michigan Department of Natural Resources decided to cut stocking by just 46 percent for Chinook while Wisconsin will maintain its current stocking levels.

With natural production of Chinook at 60 percent, the reduction balances angler opportunities throughout the region while acknowledging the contribution from natural reproduction in Michigan streams to overall predator numbers. The Lake Michigan Committee comprises all state management agencies that border Lake Michigan and Michigan’s Tribal Governments signatory to the 1836 Treaty of Washington.

The question is, will the same drop in stocking also occur in Lake Ontario??

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