Grand River, ON – Caledonia – River wading!

Posted on July 13th, 2009

Last evening my young son and I ventured down to the “Grand River” in Caledonia for an hour or so of fishing, (the river was flowing quickly from the recent rain). My son and I waded out a short distance from shore….this experience was my son’s first which he thoroughly enjoyed!

We encountered another angler nearby us who reported that he had caught a small 12″ Pike on spinner, 1 – Walleye, and 1 – Rock Bass.

My son and I were drifting small pencil floats with tube jigs, tipped with live leeches. We both landed big Rock Bass before leaving the river at 8:30 PM. Our good deed for the evening was assisting the fellow angler mentioned above with a “battery boost” with his van. His kid’s had drawn down the battery playing with their video games and DVD’s. Hopefully their Dad will be able to convince them in future to spend more time on the water with him rather than in the van playing video games.

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