Gotta love Gulf Grouper action.

Posted on December 4th, 2019

I am blessed to be hosting the www.thecatchtvshow.com that covers a variety of saltwater action. When I’m filming down in Florida a “go-to” species that everyone loves to target and enjoy is the Grouper family.

Among the different species of Grouper, the Red Grouper is one of the most plentiful that you can catch in good size without going many miles off-shore.

In-fact, some of the best Red Grouper fishing is in water depth of 50-65′ just fishing along the bottom using either a small live baitfish like a pinfish, a chunk of frozen Threadfin Herring or Sardine, or simply be jigging a 1 – 2 oz vertical jigging spoon. The only challenge is that when you hook one you have to keep it from getting your line caught up on bottom obstructions!

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