Good time to target walleye.

Posted on June 18th, 2016

June is an excellent time to target post-spawn walleye that are feeding heavily both in shallow & deep water throughout Ontario.

IMG_5919 walleye

While anglers in the Great Lakes are catching suspended walleye by trolling worm-harnesses, northern anglers are catching them by simply flat-line trolling along shorelines.


During the day northern walleye will feed in open-water around structure breaks and weeds in depths ranging from 10-20′, but during low-light conditions like early morning and evening, you can even catch them just casting from shore or from a dock. If you locate walleye in pike and walleye lakes, the pike won’t be far behind, so it may be a good idea to either use a heavier fluorocarbon or wire leader. Simeon Kubassek (above), smiles as he holds up a nice pike he caught while walleye fishing.

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