Golden Lake, ON mixed fish action.

Posted on September 5th, 2018

Heading out fishing this past Saturday I met Kevin Lockstadt while we were both waiting in line at a local Tim Horton’s. We started talking fishing and Kevin shared how his son Max loves to fish and catches a variety of fish at their cottage on Golden Lake, ON.


Anytime I hear of young people that love to fish I stress to their parent to get them fishing as much as they can.


It’s one of the best sports that gets kids outdoors, away from computers and electronic games and help increase their appreciation for the outdoors.


As you can see, Max is a multi-species angler taking advantage of fishing bass in the shallows, pike in the mid-depth and walleye.


If  you love to fish and you have kids in your life, either yours, or close relative’s, share the passion you have for fishing and get them on the water!


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