Go-to rigs for native ice-Lakers.

Posted on March 14th, 2019

The Grdosic family love to fish so much they make the most of it all year long. In the winter time they love to explore northern lakes and target wild Lake Trout.

While these fish are not monsters, they are fun to catch, are beautifully colored and if you love eating fish, taste great!

The two most popular rigs to catch lake trout in smaller northern lakes is pretty simply. The first is to use a “pickerel-rig” on a set-line tip-up. This is where the TipNJig Total Ice Fishing System works great since it has the best trigger-system on the market and even if a big fish hits and slams the line, the rod is safely anchored to the tip-up base. This rig works best with 2-live or dead minnows. Most winter anglers will use emerald shiners in the 3-4″ length and fish them right near the bottom.

The second popular rig to use is just vertical jigging with a fast-dropping wobbling spoon. Among these the Swedish Pimple, Mr. Champ, Luhr Jensen Aligator & Crippled Herring and Lil’Cleo spoons are the most popular. Most traditional anglers will jig these along the bottom and will slowly jig and reel up until the mid-water column to try and intercept any lakers swimming suspended.

Both techniques work well and in waters where you are allowed 2-lines per person, doing both is a great way to up your success!

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