Georgian Bay Fishing Report by Evan Kedzierski

Posted on November 12th, 2012

On Saturday Nov 10, 2012 I was invited to fish with a my friend Sebastian on Georgian Bay. We met up at the launch early morning in Midland in search of some Famous Fall Smallmouth Bass. It was an overcast morning, rain was in the forecast and the wind was blowing pretty steady around 20 kph with some bigger wind gust.

We decided to make a long run across the lake to our first spot to see where the fish were. This time of year a day on the water can be very good or very tough. It started off on the tough side as the water was pretty cold (40*F). We fished the first spot for about 25 minutes without anything.

It was time to move onto spot number two. We had used the navionics on the IPhone to look at depths and some structure. We arrived at spot number two and the temperature was a good sign (43*F). We fished around some structure using swim baits and tubes. Not long after we arrived on a drift in 15 ft of water, I thought I had a big snag. As I gave it a tug, I felt a head shake and the next thing I knew a nice looking bass breaks the surface, fly’s 10 ft through the air and splash. As my heart skipped a beat, the first thing that ran through my mind was, is this fish still hook?

Next thing I knew I still had weight on the line. I worked it in slowly as there was no way I was going to lose this fish. I got it to the side of the boat, Sebastian netted it and we had it in the boat. This was followed by multiple high fives. Looking at the fish, I wondered the weight. We put the fish in the live well, to let it calm down and rest for a bit.

The fish continued and not long after, I had another tug, again felt like a snag and then head shake and the fight was on. This fish stayed down deep and was successfully netted at the boat.

Both fish came on a drift over the same spot. Georgian Bay can be a very difficult lake to fish because there is so much structure and the fish can be hard to find.

The fishing in the area slowed down, the wind picked up big time so it was time to move onto another spot with some cover, but not before some weight measurements and pictures.

The lunker on the left was 6.52 lbs and the other one was 4.2 lbs. Definitely my Personal Best on GBay and can’t wait to get out again.

A note of caution. The water level is very low, there are a lot of rocks exposed and in some cases it goes from very deep to, 2 feet immediately. If you go out on the water, be very careful and never travel alone.

Also, Please wear a floater suit now as the water is approx 3*C and you will not last long if you get into trouble in the water!

Tight Lines and bring on the ICE!

Evan Kedzierski

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