Gathering Walleye at Gathering Lake Outfitters, ON.

Posted on June 21st, 2015

Average few-hour walleye catch at Gathering Lake Outfitters, ON.
Darryl Penhale had a great wilderness fishing adventure in northern Ontario this spring.  He contacted me just before heading-out from a SAIL store where I helped him pick the top Rapala lures and other terminal tackle he should take on his trip. It was nice to talk to him and also to the sales representative “on-the-spot” to make sure he picked-up the right gear!
They booked a cabin with Gathering Lake Lodge.  They found lot’s of firewood for the stove and the boats ready to go fishing. Within an hour of their arrival they were on the water trying to catch their dinner!
Darryl can’t say enough good things about their adventure. The price for a one week stay was $450 a person that included a boat and all the gas for that week you’re there.
The next best thing is if you love to fish, besides fishing on the main lake, there are many other lakes around the area and they will either supply a boat and trailer for your truck if you have a hitch, or you can trailer your own in!
Lots of wildlife around truly amazing. They caught loads of walleye. On some days, every time they dropped their line in the water they caught fish!
And the scenery was beautiful with nearby rivers and several scenic lakes.
Darryl would literally release a fish back and his jig wouldn’t even hit bottom before getting another one.
Darryl has already booked to go back in Sept. If you would like to enjoy a truly wilderness walleye fishing experience, you can contact Gathering Lake Outfitters .


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