GAME CHANGER: Yamaha releases all-new four-stroke VMAX SHO

Posted on November 25th, 2009


Yamaha releases all-new four-stroke VMAX SHO

Toronto, ON, November 20, 2009 – They said it couldn’t be done. No way could a four-stroke out run a two-stroke. They’re too heavy, too slow…. The pundits are wrong. For 2010, Yamaha has revolutionized the bass and flats fishing world, introducing the all-new V6 VMAX SHO. It comprises 250, 225 and 200 horsepower versions.

“We proved them wrong,” states Jean-Francois Rioux, Yamaha Product Manager, Marine/OPE. “We have built a four-stroke that is faster and lighter than two-stroke, not to mention it’s more fuel efficient and reliable.”

Four-stroke engines are well known for broad, smooth power curves and incredible torque, and you can expect that and more from the new VMAX SHO. “It’s quicker out of the hole, planes quicker than our VMAX Series 2, and achieves higher speed over a measured distance than its predecessor,” says Rioux.

Under the stylish new SHO cowl lurks an all-new four-stroke, Super High Output 4.2 litre V6 powerhead that provides the best power-to-weight ratio in its class. Inside, Yamaha uses large intake and exhaust valves and variable camshaft timing. Keeping the engine cool are water pickups that are 81 percent larger than those used on the VMAX Series 2.

Weight loss has been achieved through innovative processes, like plasma fused sleeveless cylinders (instead of steel sleeves) to provide a durable surface for piston rings, and the cowl and engine pan are constructed of advanced, lightweight composite materials. The VMAX SHO is 34 pounds lighter than its predecessor, making it the lightest production V6 fishing outboard of equivalent horsepower, four or two-stroke. And you can bet that less fuel will be consumed as well, about 12 percent less, adds Rioux.

Quicker, stronger, smarter and lighter … yes, the game certainly has changed.

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