Gabor Horvat Florida saltwater sheepshead catches.

Posted on December 20th, 2017

The same cold front that has brought cold temperatures and significant snow in southern Ontario has also affected us here in Florida producing night temperatures in the  40F range with strong winds and rain. This has kept us off the Gulf of Mexico but we have been making the most of it by fishing protected in-land flats for chunky and tasty saltwater sheepshead.


Gabor Horvat who has been holidaying in Florida is holding up a perfect eating size fish he caught fishing just a small piece of fresh shrimp on a size 4 hook and two small split-shot sinkers. Fishing sheepshead takes a lot of finesse in presenting the bait and also detecting the strike, than when a fish is on it’s full-combat to pull them away from the barnacle-studded piles….lot’s of fun!

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