G2 Angling “Spring Spinners for Walleye”

Posted on March 17th, 2010
Spring Spinners for Walleye

We all know the Walleye is probably one of the most finicky eaters of all the freshwater fish in Canada….however, we know to combat that, an angler must use a presentation that stays in the strike zone a high percentage of the time. The bait of choice in this situation for us is the Spinner Rig (Walleye Harness).

Walleye love flashy, quick moving baits and they race after them when nothing else in your arsenal will work. When used, suspended or dragged on a 1oz bottom walker, this bait stays in the strike zone and drives walleye crazy. Usually tipped with a Nightcrawler or Gulp Alive Nightcrawler, it works well in most conditions, especially in stained water.

The added vibration and flash of the spinner makes it much easier for the fish to locate the bait, with chartreuse green and orange working well in stained water; white and silver are great colors in water with increased visibility.

There are some situations in which spinner rigs are more effective than others. When walleye are active and spread out, spinner rigs produce very well. The faster you can move a bait, the more fish you can show it to. The blade will also attract walleye from a longer distance, covering water quickly and keeping the presentation in the fish zone are the key elements. Power-trolling bottom bouncers and spinners accomplish both.

The desired speed that produces well is from 1.5 to 2.5 miles an hour. You will also find at times, with slower speeds you will hook up a higher number of pan fish like White Bass and Perch, by increasing your speed slightly you won’t even have to move spots and you’ll start catching more walleyes and eliminate the pesky panfish.

This spring give it a shot, day in and day out a simple walleye spinner rig will take numbers of walleye and increase your productivity.

Cheers, G2Angling…

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