Fun targetting sheepshead in deep-water using Raymarine fishfinders.

Posted on June 30th, 2015

As man of you know I love to fish for anything that swims, from the prestigeous gamefish to suckers, carp, sheepshead and panfish! My wife Barb, Mulligan our pup and I had a blast yesterday purposely using our Raymarine fishfinders to locate and target individual sheepshead in 25-30′ of water.


As you can see from the eSeries Raymarine (above),  we used the it to locate a concentration of sheepshead and than positioned our boat to compensate for windage and engaged the electric to keep us on top of the fish.


Keeping on top of the fish was easy using the Raymarine Dragonfly at the bow of the boat that has the sonar on the bottom of the electric.


Barb and I tag-teamed. She kept her eye on the consul fishfinder and fished vertically off the transom of the boat where that transducer is located.  I controlled the boat with the electric and used the Dragonfly to mark the fish off the bow.


Locating them is easy, but it’s a real challenge to get them to take. We used 4″ tubes with the new Gamakatsu football jigheads and standard tube-jigs to get them to commit. At that depth they hit very lighly and it’s a real challenge to set the hook at the right time. The Sufix 832 braided line really makes a difference in feeling and hooking fish.


A lot of people may frown at targeting sheepshead, but when you can locate individual fish with the sonar that deep and hook the fish you are marking it’s a blast! Kind of like targeting black drum and grouper in the Gulf of Mexico, Fl.

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