Frying pan fish through the ice.

Posted on February 8th, 2018

Our friend Ed Dolstra continues to have good catches of both Crappie and Jumbo perch from the Kawartha Lakes, ON. As we all know, some of the more glamorous gamefish get tons of pressure and while it’s good to release larger walleye, pike and lake trout, if you love to eat fish, panfish is the way to go. They reproduce quickly, grow fast, are fun to catch through the ice and taste great.


As we move into mid-winter, most panfish will start migrating shallower in anticipation of spring thaws and for many, spawning. If your early winter ice spots are “drying-up”, try moving a little shallower, nearer to shallower open-water structure and even fishing near canals and inlets/outlets where the ice is safe.  Use the same presentation, and don’t be surprised if you find even higher concentrations of panfish shallower and closer to weed growth.

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