Frying pan Brookies and Fiddleheads.

Posted on June 2nd, 2018

I love spring and early summer when I can forage for some wild edibles. Being Italian we harvest young chicory leaves that look like dandelion, but are really a wild “radicchio”. The leaves are excellent for salads and even for steaming an having with garlic and a little butter. I also like to pick wild asparagus that grows along the ditches throughout southern Ontario roadways. The only thing is, these edibles only have a 2-3 week harvest period and then they grow too large for enjoying.


Jeremy Patey has combines forageing with trout fishing and why not.


Fiddleheads are common along many cold-water streams and one of the best ways to enjoy fresh fiddleheads steamed is besides butter, panfried brook trout.


You don’t even need any other seasonings, just a little salt & pepper. What a great benefit to fishing!

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