Friday April 3, 09 Steelhead Outing

Posted on April 3rd, 2009


I have good news and bad news for anglers planning to fish the Lake Ontario tributaries this weekend.  The good news is that thousands of migratory rainbow trout are running up all Lake Ontario tributaries!  The bad news, most of the tributaries will have increased flows and murky water.  This will allow the rainbows to swim right through the lower “all-year” open fishing areas and on up to their spawning areas.  I had a chance to fish the Newcastle area tributaries yesterday and even before the heavy rains we had last night, the streams were already high and the water clarity was very low.  We managed to hook-up on several fish, but lost most of them since they hit were hitting very lightly.  If the water is higher and murkier make sure to tie your spawn-sacks larger (between “dime ” size and “nickel” size), use bright chartreuse netting material, use larger floats and a little more weight to slow down your drifts.  Also, instead of concentrating on drifting the deeper pools, concentrate in drifting the narrower runs since most of the fish will be moving from pool to pool.

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