Freshwater Drum good fighters!

Posted on September 6th, 2017

I was asked on a recent Canadian Fishing Network live internet interview, “What’s your least favorite fish to catch?” My answer, “I don’t have one, I love to catch them all!” That includes the surprise freshwater drum that usually get’s hooked-up when I’m targeting walleye either trolling in Lake Erie, jigging in the Detroit River, or cranking in the Bay of Quinte, or cranking for largemouth or tubing for smallmouth.


Many anglers frown when they hook a “drum” aka “sheepshead”, but I think they are great fun and I have even targeted to do a compete 1/2 TV show! Freshwater drum can feed at any depth, suspended, or right on the bottom. You can catch them on live bait or artificial lures. When other gamefish don’t want to cooperate, it’s always nice to hook-up on a good size fresh water drum!

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