Freshwater Drum (aka Sheepshead).

Posted on May 30th, 2020

Ever target walleye with jigs or crankbaits and hook a “whopper” of a fish that turns out to be a freshwater Drum?

Most anglers don’t get excited at hooking a good size Drum but I enjoy them as much as any other freshwater fish. Certain times of the year like spring and fall they can congregate in high numbers in deeper water and around structure breaks and if you locate them you can hook one after the other.

Freshwater Drum are primarily a bottom feeder but they regularly strike crankbaits mid-way in the water column and even spinners and spinnerbaits. The easiest way to hook them though is either to use live bait or jigs fished along the bottom.

While most anglers release them, smaller Drum that come from cold water can be enjoyed as table fare. If you catch some and are curious of trying them make sure to remove the fat along the belly and back. If they are prepared fresh it’s best to saute them in a skillet or deep fry them in your favorite fish coating.

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