Fresh Lake Erie steelhed prepared in Tiffany Cosco’s recipie.

Posted on September 5th, 2014

ingredientsOne of the benefits of fishing as much as I do is that I can enjoy fresh fish meals most weeks.  I love to eat fish and I have learned from many different people creative, simple and tasty recipes.  For example, about a week ago I had the pleasure of fishing with Jeremy Cosco. We were blessed with catching lot’s of fish and he invited me to a fresh fish dinner prepared by his wife Tiffany who is a fish-cooking connoisseur!  Well, I enjoyed her fish so much I had to try doing a fresh steelhead we caught and kept two days ago with her recipe.  Here it is.

eggdipThe ingredients you need is some fresh-fish fillets that are cut into smaller sections so that they fit in a stove-top frying pan.  Next, beat 3-4 eggs in a bowl, either use your own fish coating mixture or a store bought one and have about 1-cup of coating evenly spaced on a plate, and lastly, pick up a bottom of 100% Avocado oil (about $11.00 at Costco).

coating_fishTake one or more fish pieces and coat them with the beaten egg.  I find that thinner fillets taste better if they are coated in both the egg and coating than a much thicker fillet, so if you are dealing with a really thick piece of fillet you may want to “split” the fillet horizontally to make it thinner.

frying_side1Take individual pieces of fish that has been dipped in egg and coat in the coating lightly on both sides and place on a separate plate until you have 3-4 pieces of fish coated and ready for the frying pan. Use just enough Avocado oil to slightly cover the bottom of the frying pan.  This is not “deep-frying”, but lightly frying in a pan. Let the oil heat up using the middle-position of your stove-top dial.  Take the pre-coated pieces of fish and gently place “skin-side” down.  This will keep the fillet section of curling.  Let the one side of each fish piece cook for about 2 min.

frying_side2Gently turn over the pieces of fish and let the other side cook for about 2 min. Remove the fish pieces and place on a large plate that has some paper towels on it to absorb any oil. Proceed to repeat the process until all the is cooked.

ready_to_serveReady to serve…enjoy!

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