French River, ON producing good pike and largemouth action.

Posted on September 3rd, 2009


Gabor Horvat reports.  Here are some pictures from our French River, ON trip.  It was very nice to catch lots of fish, mostly pike and largemouth bass. The weather was OK for fishing, but not for swimming.

We had lots of rain.  Listening to the radio we heard that a tornado touched down in Vaughn.   Must have been the same front that came our way, but we just got heavy rain, no storm, or tornados.   During the fishing I noticed that there were not that many weeds around shore like previous years.  Maybe the long winter affected the weed growth.  Some areas where I have caught nice bass in the past were totally weed-free. A spinner bait was the top producer for most of the fish and the Rapala TD 7 also produces fish.

The buzz baits were working very well around the heavy weed areas.  Some nice smallmouths were hitting even near the shallow weed beds.  We had the best fishing action in the morning around 8:00AM, after that it slowed down but we still were able to find some active fish.   Our best fishing was just before the heavy rain. The next day the fish shut-down and they took a while until they turned-on. All together it was a nice week fishing on the French River.

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