French River, ON fishing update.

Posted on August 16th, 2012

[nggallery id=769]Gabor Horvat reports. As we usually do every year, my wife & I went to the French River, ON for a week of fishing & relaxation. This time we took with us a good friend Mark and his son, Eathen. We celebrated his 13th birthday during our trip. When we arrived, the weather was very hot and after fishing we cooled down by going for a swim.

The next day was very humid and hot, but we managed to get some pike. After that the weather started to cool down and pouring rain helped to add some oxygen to the water, so thefish started to bite more aggressively. We landed many pike, but the bass were more hesitant. We still got a few of them, but 90% were pike.

Mark landed a trophy size cat fish, using a spinner bait.


The water temperature was at the beginning around 78F, but after, at the end of the week cooled down to 72F. We were fishing most of the time at the edge of the weed beds, at 7-12 feet of water. The pike were very aggressive, but interesting thing I need to add: we lost many of them. They hit and ran. If they got the lure at first hit, we managed to land them, but if not, they did not come back to chase it.

It was nice to observe them with polarized glasses how fast they attack and if not hooked, getting back into the weeds. At the end, it was a nice week spending lots of time on the water, catch many fish and enjoy the clear air.

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