French River, hot weather Bass action.

Posted on August 8th, 2020

Our good friend Gabor Horvat takes an annual trip to the French River that connects to Georgian Bay targeting Pike and Largemouth Bass.

This year probably due to the hot weather/water conditions the Bass cooperatied much more then the Pike. He reports that in the  last 16 years he did not notice temperature as high as this summer.

Inside their cabin was a balmy 35C degrees, and went “down” to 27 C during the night. By the way, NO Air conditioners are in the cabins.

The water temp was as high as 85F (29.5 C degrees), at 11:30AM .

The first morning Nathan was able to catch his first bass.  The best time for fishing was from 6am to 9am. After swimming or relaxing…

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