Freaky Fish for saltwater bottom-fish.

Posted on December 29th, 2018

The more I fish saltwater, the more I learn about different fish habits. For the longest time I thought that you had to fish live or dead bait if you wanted to catch Grouper. After all, these fish live close to the bottom and that’s how I thought  you needed to fish for them. Well, over the last year I discovered that you can actually out-fish bait by fishing artificial lures if you  fish them at the right depth and in the right area.

One of the most productive soft-plastics that are really a freshwater lure designed for bass works really well for a variety of saltwater bottom-fish. The lure I am referring to is the Lunker City Freaky Fish. I discovered a couple years back that the Freaky Fish works great for big Walleye and big Bass, now I’ve discovered they work great for Grouper, Kinfish and others in saltwater.

When I’m fishing water deeper than 50′ I usually add the Freaky Fish to a 4-6 oz. vertical jigging spoon. The action is amazing. To prevent lure/line tangles when I’m jigging I like to use one or more single hooks. If find I get not lure tangles while the spoon is dropping and I seldom hook the bottom.

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