Foolin’ Smallmouth with a prop.

Posted on September 12th, 2017

Since I was a teenager one of every end of summer highlight has been to fish calm conditions on a warm day with top-water lures that are equipped with a propeller. In the old days I use to use a Heddon Tiny Torpedo, it was a killer topwater that I could cast and retrieve or even troll behind my canoe.


Today Rapala has the Skitter Prop that is slightly bigger (just the right size for trophy bass), and has a propeller that is smooth and works with the slightest movement. When the surface water is calm I retrieve it slowly allowing the prop to look like a creature gently swimming along the surface creating a gently “V” often stopping it, twitching it, and and than continuing the slow retrieve. If the surface conditions are choppy, I retrieve it much faster so that it looks like a miniature buzz-bait going across the top of the water. Fished either way it’s a surface presentation bass can’t resist!

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