Fly fishing for fall Chinooks.

Posted on October 13th, 2016

With low water levels common throughout Lake Ontario tributaries, Chinooks that have run up are holding in any deeper runs and pools. If you just walk up the tributaries you will probably spook fish before you even get a chance to cast to them. This is the time to use “stealth”, and approach and fish-holding areas very carefully as not to be seen by the fish.


If you love to fly fish, this is when you can set yourself up to cast streamers and imitation single egg and egg clusters to them. Best presentation is a 45-degree cast up-stream of the fish. Make sure you don’t spook them on the cast and also make sure your fly line does not go over them, they can spook easily. Best to time your cast so only your fly passes by in front of them. Most takes are light and you have to watch your drift and also any changes in the fishes movement, especially a little “head-shake”. Due to the warm water they may not fight hard, but they are still fun to catch, especially on a fly rod!

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