Flower’s River, Labrador producing plenty of 20 lb.+ Atlantic Salmon.

Posted on August 6th, 2009

One of the province’s most popular fishing lodges in Labrador is seeing more and bigger Atlantic Salmon this year. The owner-operator of the Flowers River Fishing Lodge, well- known St. John’s realtor Jim Burton, says each year they are seeing more and more large salmon, which they attribute to their 100 per cent catch and release program for all Atlantic Salmon. He pointed out a number of the salmon are 20 pounds and heavier. Flowers River is reporting a big year for non-resident guests, from different parts of Canada and the United States, including Tennessee and the New Hampshire area. Burton says they have very cool water in the Flowers River with snow melting off the higher mountains flowing into the river which keeps temperatures cool. He stated its everybody’s duty to be good stewards of the rivers and help the Atlantic Salmon stocks grow. Flower’s River is the most northern scheduled salmon river in Labrador.

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If you would like more info. on Flower’s River, just go to, www.flowersriver.com .

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