Posted on January 6th, 2020

For many Canadians and northern Americans southern Florida is their warm-weather “get-away” to beat the winter blues. This is a great time to enjoy the warm sunshine with the whole family, hit the beaches and if you have a passion for fishing……targeting Sheepshead right from shore.

The Shepherd family did that just that along with extended family and Jamie took a day to catch his family a great fresh fish meal.

The nice thing about winter Sheepshead fishing is that the fish come into the shallows and can literally be caught from any dock, bridge, pier…anywhere there are barnacle-studded wood or concrete piles. The one thing you will need is long-nose pliers and special care when un-hooking a fish. They have lots of spines and a hard, tooth-filled mouth!

All you need is a medium action spinning rod with 20 or 30 lb. test braid, a 30-40 lb. fluorocarbon leader, a small #4 lightweight hook, a weight and a slip-bobber. Sheepshead can be caught on frozen or fresh shrimp, but they love crustaceans like small crabs that can be caught under the mangroves or purchased from a bait shop, or sand flies that can be scooped up right off the beach! Sheepshead are fun to catch, fight hard and have a nice firm, white meat for eating!

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