Florida, USA post-tropical storm shallow-water fishing update.

Posted on June 9th, 2013

Yesterday was my first chance to check-out the conditions out of Placida, Fl after the major trophical strom that moved through two days ago.  That storm produced strong winds, heavy rain, a tide-surge of about 3′ in our canals and about 4-tornados tuched down within a 60-mile radius of where I am.  No problem though, if you are familiar with Florida weather, tropical storms are common, it’s normal for it to rain every day in the afternoon, but with average day temperatures reaching 90+F, 20-min after it rains you can’t even tell it rained!

I checked-out some of my favorite redfish mangrove shorelines, but strong winds and suspended vegetation made for tough fishing with any lures.  I also checked out some of the reefs and they were unfishable again due to waves and too much floating vegetation. 

To add to the challenge, Fishin’ Franks Tackle Shop was hosing it’s annual Shark, Stingray & Sailtop (catfish) tourmanet.  Boat launches were congested, parking all used up and lot’s of boats fishing everywhere!  The tournament is still on today but I decided to pass on the fishing and wait until tomorrow morning.  Winds are much ligher today and the rest of the week looks very promising.

I did manage to catch a few fish yesterday fishing the only presentation that was not catching weeds on the lure, a 1/8 oz. jig & TriggerX Minnow with a popping-cork (the cork was catching most of the weeds on each cast with some on the lure).  The Rapala Concept Ti matched with with the Rapala Andros spinning reel and loaded with Sufix 10 lb., 832 braid & 20 lb. Sufix fluorocarbon leader worked great.

I could not have fished properly without the help of my Minn Kota Riptide electric and Minn Kota Talon anchoring system.  Whenever I was a potential fish holding area I would use the Minn Kota electric to reach it quitely and than I would hold the boat in position wiht the MInn Kota Talon so that I could make accurate casts to the target area.

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