Florida Trophy Amberjack.

Posted on December 14th, 2014

Our good friend Bob Ballantyne from Kapuskasing, ON sent us these images of his Florida fishing adventure. Bob fished out of Naples, Fl and had fun catching baitfish with a Sabiki rig and a variety of off-shore fish.

sabiki_baitThe Sabiki rig is made up of a line that has 5 or more tippets, each having a small fly-hook on it. When dropped to the bottom and gently moved up and down a variety of baitfish hit the flies.  These baitfish are excellent fished live for larger predator fish.

pinfish_baitPinfish are commonly caught in shallower water by just using a small piece of fresh, peeled shrimp on a small hook. Some pinfish can grow up to about 10″ long, but the smaller sizes are also excellent as live off-shore baitfish.

triggerfishTriggerfish often swim suspended and also along the bottom off-shore.  With their small mouths and “beak-like” teeth they can be hard to hook, often steeling anglers bait, but if you do hook them and they are large enough, they are excellent eating!

bob_amberjackTrophy Amberjack like the one Bob is holding up are normally schooling fish that like to feed above deeper water reefs, pinnacles, and especially wrecks…their favorite food…live baitfish!

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