Florida toothy Blues and Spanish.

Posted on January 2nd, 2019

I have learned to respect many species of “toothy” shallow-water Florida fish. Two of the fiercest are the Bluefish and the Spanish Mackerel that often cruise into the inter-coastal waterways and even work their way onto the shallow flats as shallow as 2-feet deep looking for any size fish that will fit in their tooth-filled mouth.

Just a few days ago we planned on fishing deeper channels in the 5-10′ depths on the southwest Florida flats. Our strategy was to troll 3″ spoons at 5mph just below the surface for very aggressively feeding fish. We covered lot’s of water and hooked-up and lost more fish then we landed.

Bluefish have a head and teeth like a piranha and will often cut 30 lb. fluorocarbon leaders. And once you land them, they can be very dangerous to unhook. We always make sure not to have our hands or fingers anywhere around their mouths.

Spanish Mackerel have a long snout filled with teeth and they feed so aggressively that we often hook-up and while fighting the mackerel, other mackerel try and take the spoon from its mouth and end up cutting our line. Fun to catch and eat, but both have to be respected when handled!!

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