Florida smoked mullet & fresh blue crabs.

Posted on November 27th, 2014

It’s nice to go boat fishing in Florida, but if you love fish and seafood, two things that are really plentiful here which you can catch anywhere off the saltwater shoreline are mullet and blue crabs.

mullet_ready_to_cleanMullet are algae eaters and the best way to catch them is with a cast-net. Here is a nice catch ready for cleaning.  To properly fillet and cut through the rib cage, I like to use the 7″ Rapala Fish & Fillet Knife.

buterfly_fillet_mulletI like to butterfly-fillet my mullet so that they are easy to cook, or smoke on the grill. Above you can see two mullet that are ready for the barbecue.  I scale them first and leave the skin on so that the meat stays together.

blue_crabs_trapWhile I cleaned the mullet I check my crab trap which I drop in our saltwater canal and had a pleasant surprise of two eating-size blue crabs.  These crabs have a white, sweet meat. The claws and the main body has lot’s of meat.

blue_crabs_ready_to_steamBlue Crabs have very sharp spines and powerful claws so caution must be taken to grab them and removing their carapace. The Normark Fillet Gloves work great for handling them. Once the carapace is removed along with their gills, they are ready to be steamed!

smoked_mullet_ready_to_eatWhat a feast, fresh smoked mullet that out good friends Izzy & Soshana prepared on their barbecue, and fresh blue crab!

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