Florida Sheepshead.

Posted on December 23rd, 2018

When cool temperatures  hit Florida its time to target the lowly but tasty Sheepshead. This fish is plentiful, can grow to over 15 lb. and can be caught by bridge & pier anglers simply fishing a hook and a few split-shot sinkers with either a piece of fresh or frozen shrimp, a sand flea, or a small fiddler crab.

We like fishing them from a boat where we can position ourselves close to piles in water ranging from 4-10′ deep. In most cases sheepshead feed close to the bottom and base of the piles but if you wear good polarized sunglasses you can also spot them suspended working the barnacles and oysters growing all along the piles.

While most anglers like to fish for them close to the bottom I love to fish for them using a sensitive float and suspending the bait to the depth I either see them feeding at, or just off the bottom. With tide movement you always have to figure out your drift so that you don’t go into a pile and get stuck…reminds me a lot of steelhead fishing!

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