Florida pan-fried Grouper.

Posted on January 20th, 2022

Some southern Ontario anglers have made their way to Florida for a winter escape. Many are travelling with their family and enjoying a warm vacation and others, have also taken to the waters to experience some saltwater fishing and enjoying fresh saltwater fish meals.

Our good friend Simeon Kubassek had a chance to get out with Rick & Luis Horwath, my wife Barbara and I about 18miles out on the Gulf of Mexico, FL to enjoy some excellent Snapper and Grouper fishing,

What we didn’t expect was to be bottom-fishing in 9′ waves. While two of our guests “chummed” the waters, we all had fun hooking up and landing fish.

Grouper fry.
Fresh caught, filleted, cut into smaller chunks and pan-fried in butter with a little salt & pepper is all it takes you make an amazing fish meal.

Simeon just sent us these images of their pan-fried Grouper and it looks delicious.

Grouper fry.
When the butter is absorbed by the Grouper pieces and they turn golden-brown on both sides you know they are ready to enjoy!

My wife Barb and I try and head to Florida each winter and two of our highlights is catching saltwater fish and enjoying them!

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