Florida off-shore surprise.

Posted on December 13th, 2014

My wife Barb, our pup Mulligan and I ventured off-shore in the Gulf of Mexico to catch a variety of tasty bottom fish. To our surprise I hooked-up with my first Remora.

ramoraI did not know you can catch these fish by angling.  I was free-drifting a live baitfish when I saw it come up to almost the surface to check it out.

ramora_top_viewThese fish normally attach themselves with flat surface of the upper part of their head to sharks, rays and other fishes, where they tag a ride, clean the surface of the fish off and eat any tidbits of food that their ride grabs and eats!

gruntWe also caught a variety of common bottom fish including large Grunts which are very plentiful in Gulf waters and make for excellent eating!

barb_mackerelSpanish mackerel also made up part of our catch and of course we enjoyed another fresh fish dinner! Both my wife Barb and I fished the Rapala fresh-water rods and I had a chance to test the large size Rapala Delta spinning reel which worked great!

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