Florida Mangrove Snapper.

Posted on July 15th, 2016

We often go out into the Gulf of Mexico to catch tasty snapper for dinner but there is also a snapper that you can catch very close to shore and along the mangrove shorelines. We recently went fishing with our good friend Lek Durr. Lek fishes literally every day. She has two boats, a center consul and a 22′ flats boat. This woman loves to fish!!

057A9236 mangroves

It’s the mangrove snapper often also referred to as grey snapper. These fish have very sharp teeth and are very cautious in taking a lure or bait. Lek Durr, above works a live pinfish with a float and literally lets it swim under the over-hanging mangroves.

057A9240 snapper

The best way to catch them is to fish a live jumbo shrimp or baitfish free-lines or under a sensitive float. These snapper have tons of energy for their size and as soon as you hook one you have to steer it clear of mangrove roots, piles and abutments. And yes, they are very tasty!

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