Florida, here we come!

Posted on March 21st, 2017

I know that thousands of Canadians, especially from Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes are on their way or already in sunny Florida. Just wanted to tease you with some fish Connor Grdosic has been catching there on the Gulf side.


Spotted Sea Trout are one of the most common winter fish that feed heavily in the inter-coastal and especially on wide expanses of eel grass covered flats.


One of the most popular ways to catch them is just using a cork (float) with a live shrimp fished just a couple of feet down. Trout are constantly on the move and like to especially patrol mangrove shorelines, the edges of deeper channels and all over eel grass covered flats.


Black Drum will often go into really shallow water to feed. These fish look very similar to our freshwater Sheepshead and can grow over 50 lb. Smaller Black Drum are excellent eating, but most anglers release the larger fish.


In addition to the above, Snook are also a fish that can be caught off the beaches, piers, bridges and especially on the grass flats. They can be aggresive and easy to catch on live shrimp, baitfish, or just casting a jig/plastic grub or minnow imitating spoon  or hard-body lure.



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