Florida Gulf Catch.

Posted on December 27th, 2014

Today we took advantage of light winds and headed out just over 10 miles in the Gulf of Mexico to catch a nice variety of bottom fish. We started catching fish as soon as we found the first “ledge” in about 55′ of water.we

barb_porgyBarb started things off by catching a nice porgy. We literally hooked fish on every drop including large sand perch, big grunts, triggerfish and grouper. We fished drop-shot rigs tied on Sufix 30 lb. test fluorocarbon leaders and 2 oz. sinkers.

barb_grunWe also landed lot’s of chunky grunts up to about 2 lb. that took our bait readily and fought hard.  Nice size fish were definitely hanging together right on the bottom at 53-55′ of water.

izzy_porgyIzzy loves to catch and eat porgy fish and he caught his share today. Porgy’s can be easily caught using the same bait as for grunts and sandperch. They have large bodies and a relatively small head offering lot’s of tasty meat to eat!

italo_triggerfishWe also ended up landing several triggerfish that were suspended in the water column. These fish have very tough skin, and excellent eating flesh. The challenge is to hook them since they have a small mouth with lot’s of teeth and very easily take your bait away without getting hooked.

izzy_grouperWe also landed several different species of grouper in all sizes, including this chunky grouper Izzy landed after a worthy battle.

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