Florida Gag Grouper & Trigger fish.

Posted on December 28th, 2017

Fishing for Florida’s Gulf bottom fish is non-stop action and you never know what you are going to hook. It could be a small Squirrel Fish, a huge grouper or even a shark.


Grouper are one of the sought after bottom fish and both Red and Gag Grouper are among the top ones. Red Grouper will move in-shore and can often be caught in water less than 70′ in depth while the Gag Grouper (pictured above), is usually found farther off-shore in larger sizes. Both have minimum length limits but even the smaller ones offer lot’s of action.


Trigger fish are often hooked “incidentally” while bottom fish and are usually tough to hook due to their small mouths and plentiful teeth. In many cases anglers feel nibbles only to reel up their rig and find out they have been “cleaned-off”. Smaller hooks and smaller cut-bait like baitfish or squid is definitly the best strategy.

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