Florida flats surprise!

Posted on December 15th, 2015

When I’m in southwest Florida I love fishing the vast mangrove flats primariy for redfish and snook. Most of this fishing takes place in water less than 1′ deep where you have to use stealth to keep  the boat far away from the mangroves so the cruising fish don’t see you, but still within casting distance so you can make accurate cats to under the overhanging branches.


On a recent outing I had a real surprise after hooking 2-quick redfish around the 20″ range when as I was casting and watching yellow jig/plastic minnow swim across the bottom in 1′ of water, it suddenly disappeared. I did not see the fish take it, but as soon as I set the hook it looked like the bottom started to lift up. It ended up being a really nice-size flounder. Our good friend Mike Scarlett was kind enough to hold it up for a quick picture. It was definitely a nice “shallow-water” surprise!

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