Florida Blue Crab feast!

Posted on February 3rd, 2013

[nggallery id=830]Our guests Mike & Carol Kirby and my wife and I have been enjoying fresh fish meals both in fish chowder and fried and baked fish.  Well, last night we had a chance to enjoy a fresh blue crab feast.  It was a simple dinner, mackerel chowder, lot’s of steamed blue crab, a hearty tomato salad and bread.  Blue crabs don’t have the large claws like a stone crab which are very popular in Florida, but the blue crab does have a lot of tasty meat in the main body.

Blue crabs are caught in square metal traps.  In my case, I just toss our crab trap off our dock, and the crabs enter the trap at night.  To bait the trap I use the heads and waste parts of the fish I clean.

Blue crabs have very sharp edges along their claws and bodies and they also have very powerful claws that can be stretched out a long way form their body, so anyone handling live blue crabs have to be very cautious.

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