Florida Black Drum.

Posted on December 14th, 2017

I had the pleasure of fishing with my good friend Gabor Horvat in southwest Florida for a variety of fish. Since the weather has been windy due to a major cold front that has moved through the lower part of North America, we decided to fish some shallow flats and especially around piles in 5-7′ of water. One of our target  species was the Black Drum.


This fish can reach weights of over 70 lb., but today we were targeting eating-size fish to have for dinner. Black Drum are plentiful in Florida’s inshore waters and they are quite easy to catch on bait if you can  locate their feeding areas. Today we fished live shrimp on a #4 bait-hook, 30 lb. test fluorocarbon leaders and one or two small split-shot sinkers about 18″ up from the hook. A natural presentation did the trick.

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