“Fishwich” recepie by Jamie Shepherd.

Posted on March 16th, 2015

Our good friend Jamie Shepherd shared with us a very simple, yet tasty “fishwich” recipe that is simple to make, it’s very healthy and delicious. All you need is some fresh fish (frozen is OK, but fresh is best!), make sure to remove the skin and all bones. Cut the fish into strips 1″ wide by 3-4″ long and not too thick. Coat the fish pieces in a mix of 50% Fish Crisp/50% bread crumbs and gently pan-fry in a skillet. You can use any oil, but 100% Avocado oil is my preference.


Remove the freshly fried fish pieces, place on a paper towel (to remove any excess oil), and place 2-3 cooked fish strips on a long bun. Add a few slices of fresh, ripe tomatoes and enjoy. If you like you can add mayonnaise!

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