Fishing Report by Trevor Parkinson – Credit River, ON Canada

Posted on November 22nd, 2011

Started the week off by tying some chinook row, called up my friend Matt baron on Nov 16th and headed to Erindale park on the credit river. Found a nice pool below Dundas and started drifting, sure enough three drifts in my float shoots under and the battle began. After a great fight I landed my first fall steelhead for this year she was a 7lb silver bullet. Rite after I landed my fish I told Matt to drift the same spot and BANG he hooks into a beautiful 10lb steelhead. After we left that pool we walked south and Matt hooked into another ten pounder. This time it was a male. After helping a fellow angler with his rig we walked north and I hooked up with a beauty 5 pound female brown trout, also my first brown trout hen on the credit. Then we called it a day. Matt and I also went out friday nov 18th on the credit and I landed four steelhead and lost two, Matt landed on and lost a couple also. Went out the next day on nov 19th with my girl friend Amanda Langadinos for an hour before sundown and hooked into one 3 pound steelhead. Then went out monday Nov 21st and landed my biggest steelhead of the year. Did not weigh it but looked around 12 to 13 pounds. At the end of my four days of steelheading  adventure I would have to say even though the water was low and gin clear it was the best week of drifting I had all year, now all we need is some rain and a nice overcast day. Good luck to all that wish to fish the credit hope you have as much fun as I did the past week.

Trevor Parkinson

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