Fishing for Lake Trout produced Dallas Houser a really big fish!!

Posted on October 8th, 2010

It really makes me feel good to hear of anglers who enjoy the shows and use many of the tips to have more success.  A good example is Dallas Housers recent email about his trophy catch:

475“This was by far my biggest trout ever. Jigging in 60ft on a drop off near the shore, on the opening fishing day turned out to be an unforgettable opening day. Within an hour of fishing that morning I hooked a small laker, so I kept on the same area for a while longer then I drooped my jig a little deeper when WHACK. So I set the hook several times very hard to ensure a good hook set. Then after a few angry head shakes, it began to sound. So with a smile from ear to ear I knew I had a lunker on. I knew I would have to be very patient if I was going to land my biggest trout ever with a medium rod and 10pd test. The fish began to take more and more line and pulled my canoe around for a 1/4 mile or more out to deeper water in this great southern Alberta Lake. After gaining and losing line for 2.5 hours to my delight it finally started to come up. So with my XL net I bought in anticipation for a big-one, tried to net it head first when it went suddenly went stiff lengthwise, it would not go in the net, too thick and too long.  I thought O-NO I blew it, then right after I was able to lift the net and the giant bent in half and fell into the net. I was excited like never before…It made about 20 good meals for my family and took up a good portion of my deep freezer and many great stories to add. I used someone’s old rusty scale and it buried it at 25 pounds but I know it was allot more than that. Could you have a professional examine this pic and tell what they think, Thanks for all the advice you have given over the years on fishing, with many tricks given it has really helped me dial in on them. I am forever hooked Dallas  p.s. enter it into your contest please.”

Congratulations Dallas, that is one trophy fish.  Unfortunately we would need to know the length and girth to give you an accurate weight of your fish.  As far as entering in out Dickies Sportfishing Sweepstakes, please go to the tab on our home-page and just fill in the information on your catch, attach the image and it will be entered.

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