Fish of the Month : Pompano

Posted on November 21st, 2013

Pompano: They average between 1 to 2 pounds in size and have no teeth. They are beautifully colored with a slightly yellow under belly. Pompano are bottom feeders. They eat the small shell crustations that inhabit the sand bottoms. Pompano have flaky white meat that has a delicate flavor reminiscent of mahi-mahi.   Pompano is the richest of Florida saltwater delicacies, so often the most expensive item on the menus of gourmet restaurants. They are hard to find, hard to catch, (and) glorious to eat! Pompano are schooling fish. Where there is one there are many. And once they are known to be in a given location they are likely to be in that same location in the future. Have plenty of sand fleas ready so that once the pompano are located maximum time can be devoted to catching the fish. Good luck…  once you catch this beautiful fish, you will be sure to have a great dinner that night!

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