Fish eggs for dinner.

Posted on June 13th, 2020

I really enjoy eating many different species of fish. In fact, I try to utilize as much meat on fish as I can and I regularly keep the cheeks and “wings” of walleye and if some fish have eggs in them like Jumbo Perch or White Bass, I even enjoy the eggs!

Right now the White Bass are running and they are plentiful and excellent eating! When I find eggs in some I simply take the “egg-sack” split it open and lay it down with the skin side up in my favorite fish coating. I gently press down so the eggs pick-up as much coating as they want and then I gently flip the sacks over and do the same to the membrane side.

I place all of the split eggs-sacks that have been well coated on a platter and allow them to absorb the coating for about 5 min before frying.

I heat up my oil to 350F and gently place the eggs in and allow them to cook until they are golden brown. As they cook the membrane tighten the eggs and they usually curl.

The fried eggs are removed and places on paper towels to ensure as much excess oil comes off. To me, they are deliceous!!


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