Finessing Lathargic Laremouth Bass.

Posted on June 19th, 2019

A coupe of weeks ago I had the pleasure of shooting a dynamic “finesse” largemouth bass TV show with Jeri Toner who works with Fishing Complete makers of Case and Zipper soft-plastic lures.

Jeri and I were fishing high and cold water conditions in sections of the Detroit River, Michigan, USA. The water was so high homes along the water had to sand bag their properties and have pumps working 24/7 to keep water out of their homes.

Water temps ranged from 58-62F and the largemouth bass where shallow and moving slow. Jeri’s strategy was to fish a wacky-worm rig using the 6″ Salty Wacky Jack in Bubble Gum color and also the Case Laminated 6″ Big Stick in Baby Bass color on a 1/16 oz. weighted hook.

My strategy was to fish a 4″ Zipper Pudgy in Moon Shine color on a 1/8 oz shaky-jig head. Both produced excellent results and we must have caught & released over a dozen nice largemouth bass.

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