“Fin-S-ing” Walleye.

Posted on June 29th, 2018

I have fished jigs for walleye from the NWT to northern Quebec and all of the provinces in-between. While there are times when almost any jig/plastic grub will work to catch walleye, there are other times when they get very “finicky”.

italo big walleye horiz blog

When that happens I switch to gently jigging and “shaking” a Lunker City Fin-S Fish  in the 4″ length, right along the bottom. To do this most effectively I use a braided line like the Sufix 832 in 20 lb. test (4 lb. monofilament diameter). If the water is clear I add at least an 18″ length of 10 lb. test Sufix Fluorocarbon leader.

fins fish

If the water is turbid, I just tie the jighead directly to the braid. I try and avoid using terminal tackle like a snap or snap swivel and I always try and tie a “loop” know. If you’re looking for a good non-slip loop knot make sure to check the video tip we have on our YouTube channel:

Lastly, I use the Fin-S Jighead which has the best grub-barb on the market and is flat in configuation also adding a side to side swimming action to the Fin-S Fish.

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