Fiddleheads and fresh trout.

Posted on May 13th, 2021

One true sign of spring is finding tasty Fiddleheads and catching opening day Trout.

Fiddleheads are common in southern Ontario and grow plentifully under cedar trees and can be found along streams and rivers in shady areas. They are ideal to pick and enjoy right after they pop thorough the ground and show their curled “frond” before they open up and unfold to become fern stems and leaves.

Once they start to get larger the stem gets “woody” and they are not as tasty to enjoy.

By late spring they turn into lush fern fields that keep the forest floor cool and very vibrant looking.

Our good friend John Grdosic and his family take advantage of this natural feast each spring season by catching Brook Trout and picking fresh Fiddleheads to make an amazing and organic spring treat!!

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